DIAMOND FLEET 4:1 CLEAR is a premium quality, acrylic urethane clear that is designed to be used when fast dry times are needed, yet versatile enough to be used in overall applications. It is specially formulated to meet the toughest VOC regulations. With a VOC less than 2.1, DIAMOND FLEET 4:1 CLEAR has one of the fastest dry times and clear color of any 2.1 VOC clear on the market. High gloss finishes with no dieback when used as directed are just a few of the benefits you will get when using this product. DIAMOND FLEET 4:1 CLEAR IS NOT TO USED OVER OEM OR REFINISH LACQUER.


  • Excellent multipurpose clear

  • Exceptional long-term durability

  • Compatible with any major basecoat

  • Ready to spray VOC is less than 2.1 lbs/gal.

 DF-210-1 4:1 ClearGallon2
 DF-217-4 Fast ActivatorQuart4
 DF-218-4 Medium ActivatorQuart4
 DF219-4 Slow ActivatorQuart4